About the ACP

About the Association of Counselling Psychologists

For over 30 years the ACP has been providing representation, support, and a sense of community for Counselling Psychologists. We are an independent representative body aiming to promote the professional interests of Counselling Psychologists and develop the profession of Counselling Psychology in Australia. We do this by building and maintaining the connections between our colleagues as well as acting on issues of concern raised by our members.

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Bringing About
Positive Change

The ACP is a recognised stakeholder in public consultations about mental health care in Australia and meets with key representatives to bring about positive changes in public policy.

By far the most important function we serve is to provide a space for reflection between Counselling Psychologists as a wider group. We do this during our face-to-face meetings with each other at ACP professional development events, but also across the Internet through email networks, Facebook, and via our website.

Our Vision

The goal of the ACP is to expand the public recognition of Counselling Psychologists as a specialised professional group in the field of psychology. The ACP attracts a high level of participation from our practitioner group, which keeps our professional association vibrant and ensures that we flourish. The ACP assists Counselling Psychologists to form strong networks and encourages creativity in the professional development of our members in their work.

Our Mission

Our central mission is to provide an independent body that represents the interests of both Counselling Psychologists and the people in our society who turn to us for guidance and therapy.

The ACP promotes the role of Counselling Psychologists as professional practitioners in the mental health field, in industry, and the wider community.

Ethics & Values

In our activities as a professional association we value and promote:

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2019-2020 Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee meets bi-monthly and holds an AGM in August of each year. The committee welcomes contact from members about issues and news relevant to Counselling Psychologists and the Counselling Psychology profession via email or the contact form on this website.

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